Black and white photo of Cyrus Hurley

About Cyrus Hurley

Cyrus Hurley can trace his fascination with technology back to his first computer. He spent much of his time in high school assisting teachers with integrating technology into their classrooms. Inspired to apply what he’d learned to other settings, Cyrus entered the US Army Reserve 108th Division as a Network Engineer in 1999.  He was responsible for the implementation of NAS servers throughout the Southeast region, which included four states and Puerto Rico. In 2004 Cyrus concluded his service with the US Army.

In 2001, Cyrus was hired as the Director of Information Technology for Ashe, North Carolina — a role which allowed him hands-on experience in everything from help desk work to C-level consulting to sales and operations. He continues to direct all activities within the IT department, including the management and maintenance of over 200 physical machines and 20 servers.

Cyrus also helped launch Zuryc, Inc. in 2018, where he currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Zuryc is a managed services provider with deep industry expertise in highly regulated industries. 

Cyrus Hurley’s approach to business is informed by a lifetime of experience in the dynamic, ever-changing presence of IT across industries. Rather than offer a standard set of options that only meet certain needs, he emphasizes the importance of hearing and understanding each unique problem — and then creating a tailored solution.




Microsoft Certifications:

  • Certified Systems Engineer on Windows Server 2003
  • Certified Systems Administrator
  • Certified Professional
  • Certified Technology Specialist
  • Certified IT Professional: Windows Server 2008 R2

Citrix Certifications:

  • Certified Administrator on Citrix XenServer
  • Certified Administrator on Citrix XenApp
  • Certified Administrator on Citrix XenDesktop
  • Certified Enterprise Engineer on Virtualization
  • Certified Integration Architect

Cisco Certifications:

  • Certified Network Associate
  • Certified Network Associate Security

Meraki Certification:

  • Certified Meraki Network Associate

COMPTIA Certification:

  • COMPTIA Security +

VMWare Certification:

  • VMWare Certified Professional (ESX3 and ESX5.5)

INFOSEC (Information Security Professional)


Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator


County Government Chief Information Officer (UNC)


Official Member of the 2016 Forbes Technology Council