Cyrus Hurley wears many hats in his personal and professional life. At work, he is the president, CTO, and co-founder of the IT service solutions firm, HitsTech. While the company was originally founded in 2007 with the intent to aid healthcare institutions, it has expanded to serve medium to large businesses, local governments, academic institutions, and the military. In his role at the company, Cyrus scrutinizes each client’s unique case before conceptualizing and implementing a tailored solution. Outside of work, Cyrus is a dedicated outdoorsman, community member, and – most importantly – family man.


Over the course of the past year, Cyrus has distilled his myriad interests into a number of engaging and informative blog posts that touch upon his life and work in Jefferson, North Carolina. Below, find links and summaries for five of his best published works. Check out his websites for more information about his life in Jefferson ( and his career at HitsTech (


Books on the Cloud: Starting Fresh with the Meraki Switch

“The library itself might be an ancient and elegant concept, but these days there’s a lot more to it.”


In this longform post, Cyrus Hurley recounts the time he spent updating the online systems at the Richland Library in Columbia, South Carolina, to the full Meraki MS Stack. In doing so, he helped empower library technicians to take charge of their on-site IT environment. With the Meraki switch, network data lives in the cloud – thereby putting to rest that old and outdated practice of physically driving to a physical hub and working with a offsite device. Now, library technicians can familiarize themselves with their network data and solve network issues without ever leaving the library grounds.


Read the full article here.  


How Meraki & Fiber Optics Saved the Gun Show

“They were charged with an impossible task, on call to keep an insufficient network running when they themselves were in the dark without any real insight about what was happening inside the system. This was a job for fiber optics, and for Meraki.”


If you’ve ever attended a convention, you probably know how frustrating poor internet can be during a lecture or forum. In this post, Cyrus Hurley explains how he and the HitsTech team helped the Hickory Convention Center to update their outdated tech and ultimately overcome their connection struggles.


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Demystify the Process: Benefits of a Cloud-Based Phone System

“You knew you would regret it if you tried to fix your business phone system without help from Fred, the guy who usually comes, but you were feeling good this morning and decided to try it anyway. Of course, you ended up exactly where you thought you might: at your conference table, surrounded by a forest of useless instructions and facing a phone that won’t stop beeping at you no matter how much you hammer at the keypad. Defeated, you call Fred for backup. You use your cell phone.”


Traditional business phone systems are the worst. In this post, Cyrus Hurley explains why more medium- and large-scale enterprises should invest in the SIP-based Meraki phone for their business needs.


Read the full article here.


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