How Meraki & Fiber Optics Saved the Gun Show

Have you ever been to a convention? Perhaps the Home & Garden Show, or the Gem and Mineral show. Maybe you love the Gun Show, or a collector’s showcase or, like me, you attend IT conventions for work and fun. If you’ve ever seen a convention center in full swing, you know it’s a massive undertaking, a huge, coordinated effort of dizzying organization, collaboration, meticulous planning, and a little bit of prayer that it all goes smoothly. And yet, all the hard work and preparation in the world won’t compensate for poor internet when the crowds flood in.

Books on the Cloud: Starting Fresh with the Meraki Switch

Let’s say you, like everyone else, are eagerly following the heroic conquests and backstabbing betrayals of Game of Thrones. While waiting through the torturous gap between seasons, you decide to give the books a try to tide you over. From your public library website, you search George R R Martin…


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